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You’d think that Akane’s life couldn’t get any more dif […]

[ 第一屆 ] 第六次爐邊會

1/17 日

爐主:【摩根全球購物】摩根國際購物有限公司 總經理 張世謙

Decades of cultural paranoia surrounding the use of

The main resistance encountered by psychedelic research […]

Bright, with a strong heart, and helps bring happiness to

Tomoya: Do you see us on the floor right now?!What a Le […]

The “obscure" professor went to the men’s room

This was actually unnecessary, as Michael had in fact a […]

Victorious Childhood Friend: Kou with regard to Kyouko

Medium Shift Gag: There are a couple of gag sequences i […]

If they have to move the carcass

Beetles buried to boost breeding

What do you do with o […]

Local people begin to bring them furs in exchange for new

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Replica Valentino Handbags Broken Record: The end of Replica

Phone Booth: The Victim of the Week in “The Adventure o […]

Expy: There are a few, which is to be expected in a comedy

I Did What I Had to Do/Just Following Orders: Dr. Tenne […]